A downloadable game for Windows

Waiting at London Heathrow airport for a connecting flight home, you receive a text from your partner, Sam. As you begin to talk, Sam asks you about your night out with your friend Robin, at which point the conversation becomes awkward.

Connecting is about relationships - your relationship to Sam, to Robin, and to the game text itself. As you pick responses, not only do you change the direction that the dialogue takes, but you also retroactively change the context of the conversation because the game doesn't impose a canon on the player. Maybe you confess an indiscretion to Sam, or you lie about it, or maybe there never was one and Sam's questions are unfair.

Written and programmed by Alex D. Jones with art by Sandy Gardener. Made using Game Maker Studio, Photoshop CS2 and bfxr.

Install instructions

Simply extract all files from the .zip and run the enclosed application. If you have any troubles, please contact me on Twitter @AlexDJones or email alex.abdn@gmail.com


Connecting.zip 8 MB