A downloadable game for Windows

It's the bi-monthly meeting of the Gun Fight Club again - but disaster! You only brought a knife! To a gun fight! What are you like?

The only way to save face is to survive this deadly meetup. Thankfully, you have unexplained powers that allow you to slow down time! Use them to great effect as you mow down your opponents. It only recharges when blood is drawn, however, so prepare to be brave, charge headlong into the fray and get those combos!

A game by Alan O'Brien and Alex D. Jones made for the Ludum Dare 32 Jam under the theme of "An Unconventional Weapon".

Music by Gumbel, with sound effects from Freesound.

Install instructions

Simply download and the zip file, extract the contents and run the "YBAKTAGF_1.0" application.


YBAKTAGF_1.0.zip 19 MB